Sticking To A New Plan?

Time and time again I like to scheme up some system or schedule I believe will help me complete whatever tasks I have piled up. I remember once I thought creating my week to be like a usual 9-5 employee at any other job would be perfect. I didn't even stick to that plan for …

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Don’t Be Afraid to Take Breaks

In my previous post I mentioned how I was working to create a free to read comic to share online. It's been slow progress, but progress nonetheless. I've been doing my best to work on writing a couple chapters each week. There have been weeks when those couple chapters turn into zero chapters. Believe it …

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“Free to Read” in Progress

It’s been quite some time since I last shared any updates with my followers so I wanted to break the silence for you. I might have been silent on my blog but my keyboard has been hard at work. There has been on obvious bouncing back and forward with my ideas for my latest story …

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