Stepping Away, Not Running Away

Last night, as I was attempting to fall asleep I was thinking about my Cupid comic. Of course. Most nights I keep myself up thinking about this idea I started some time last year. It was a beautiful creation that slowly morphed into an evil being. How did this get so wrong? I'm sure a …

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Art Is Taking Over My Life…But That’s Okay

As you know, I am trying to become a loved author. (You can check out my books through the links provided at the end). It's been a lot of work, but I have enjoyed it all so far. All the struggles will be worth it as long as I am happy. Along with my writing, …

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Progress On A Personal Job

Today's post is a mixture of different levels of excitement. My excitement is mostly towards a couple of personal paintings I've been building in my mind. I was stuck on where to take my newest novel idea so I chose to work on art. When one job isn't making progress I have the opportunity to …

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