Updates Gonna Happen

For a week or so, I’ve been working on updating my Etsy Shop. Editing the items I’ll be selling. How they’ll be listed. The schedule for listing. The style of listing. A lot of things. Simple, little things that are only going to make my shop look better. Very exciting and I’m glad I’m doing this.

One problem. It’s taking a bit longer to restyle than planned.

If you go to my shop right now @ShelbyBoydeArt then you’ll see my shop is closed. My goal was to close up and clean up. Had plenty of time to do it, or so I thought. Well, my goal was to have it all done by the start of January. Things are moving but not quite ready.

In other words: If you go to my store and it’s not open just be patient. Plans take time an d I don’t want to rush what I have moving forward. As soon as this update is complete and my shop is open again I’ll share the details on my blog.

Also, I still consider myself an author. The only problem was finding time to divide up my creative time. Luckily, my latest Etsy plans should provide me with time to get back to my writing side.

I’m certain all of this will work out. Follow me to stay up to date with everything going on!


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