I Read “The Witch’s Complement” by Lucille Yates & I Can’t Wait For Book 2

To be honest, the title of this blog entry says it all. But I wanted to go into a tiny bit more detail about this book and the author rather than leave you hanging with nothing to go on.

I won’t lie, but the main reason I picked up this novel was because a friend of mine wrote this story. I was excited to read her work. I also had no idea she carried any desires to release a book or that one was on the way. I was a little nervous when I told her I picked up the novel, and then I would write a blog about it. My intentions are to be honest and true with this review. And I am very happy to say this is a five out of five star review from yours truly! (I was going to share my short review on Amazon here, but since I only posted it this morning the review hasn’t been approved of yet. Amazon is such a jerk! Just kidding!)

I’ll share my review with slightly more details here. No spoilers! Promise!

The story starts right away by wrapping you into the story with interest. Jesi is a lovely character who most will be able to relate with. While her struggles are of the magical nature, all will be able to relate to the feelings behind her battles and the challenges she takes on. Then you toss in Chuck, the sexy cop and all of your attention will be locked on their new case!

Like I said, I won’t spoil any of their story for you because it is better to read the words on the pages. It’s creative, fun, sexy, mysterious, and everything a mystery with a dash of romance story needs. Combining the supernatural with the real world is a task many take on with their stories. And Lucille completes their story in a way I never imagined. This novel is a story worth reading and getting lost inside their journey.

I am beyond thrilled to say this novel was interesting and very captivating. I cannot wait to dive into second book coming on November 1, 2021. So get your copy of book one now and jump into “A Bite of Magic” series with me! I can’t wait for book two!

Lucille Yates wrote an amazing book and you should totally find your copy here: https://books2read.com/u/3LRwL1 (Available through many platforms).


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