Sticking To A New Plan?

Time and time again I like to scheme up some system or schedule I believe will help me complete whatever tasks I have piled up. I remember once I thought creating my week to be like a usual 9-5 employee at any other job would be perfect. I didn’t even stick to that plan for a full week! Then I thought it would be good to have no schedule and let myself work only when I felt the drive to dedicate a full day to making progress. Needless to say, this allowed me to slack off way too much. After scrolling through random twitter posts and other blogs I was able to come up with a general plan.

Instead of making a tight schedule. I am going to make tight goals.

My current goals are all playing along with my Cupid comics. I am planning to release these stories on a site called Webtoon. These stories were all going to be their own, individual tales. But as I was scheming up the plans for the second story I realized a reader would probably enjoy knowing where this character came from. Now it’s going to be one, long story with different parts. Hopefully, this plan will work out. The next step is attempting to figure out how I will accomplish all these stories I have piling up in my head.

I can answer that thought with a very bland and general idea. My goal is to finish drawing up the entire first part of my story. While I’m drawing that story I will also be creating the outline for part two. Once the outline is done I’ll start writing the script for part two. My goal is to have all of part one drawn up by the end of next year and hopefully the draft for part two will also be completed around that time. I will start releasing the chapters for part one of my comic biweekly the following year and then begin the drawings for part two at the same time. Also, I’ll start scribbling ideas for part three so I can start setting up the next story in the series. If I keep up with this general schedule then there shouldn’t be an issue to providing future readers of my comic with a steady and enjoyable story.

This plan may not seem to make sense to most, but as long as I know what’s going on then that’s all that matters. Right? It’s a lose schedule that will be easy for me to work with and adjust as needed. For the time being, I don’t have any deadlines or solid commitments I am locking in place. This will allow me some freedom to address problems as they arise in my creating.

It’s crazy to think I have been searching for a nice system since the start of 2020. This year has been crazy enough without me trying to take on a big dream of mine. But as people often say. If not now? When?

Thanks for reading through the latest mess in my head.


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