Reasons vs. Excuses

Time and time again I have shared with you through this blog how I have needed breaks from writing either my story or blog posts. Truth is, I am all for one knowing when they need to take a moment to step away from anything. Whether it’s a personal project or a project with another person. If you need to and are able, then there’s nothing wrong with taking a break. Needless to say, I have been away from my blog for a very long time. It’s been too long, honestly.

At first, it was a needed break. This allowed me to focus entirely on writing and drawing the Webtoon I am hoping to release in the future. At the rate I was going there was no doubt I would be able to complete it within a little over a year. Then life happened. And by life, I mean emotions and crashes. Skipping over fine details, I was depressed. I knew I needed to step away for a little while to focus on being happy and how to get there. It took a bit of time before I was able to work through it. The only struggle I found after that was finding the motivation to work again.

It wasn’t easy, but I’ve developed a sort of routine where I would work only when my heart was fully involved. This means I am not progressing with my story at a fast pace, but there has been progress. Here’s hoping I keep it up and I keep you informed a little more on my writing and art progress.

This image features Cupid from my developing comic for Webtoon.

Sorry it was silent for so long but hopefully I’m back! (Please note, this is a somewhat common occurrence so if you want to follow me accept these moments of silence may appear again. Forgive me!)

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