Creativity Requires Patience

You might be ready to paint the greatest of all paintings or you could be sitting down to type up your greatest masterpiece yet. No matter where you hold your creativity, you must always be willing to wait.

How many times have you been in line at checkout when a sudden comment from a stranger or a color of a new shirt in your hands sparks inspiration for you next project? I don’t have enough fingers to tally up the number of times this has happened to me. It’s rough, because when an idea hits it is often best to get started on it right away before you lose your inspiration. Sadly, you don’t have your materials ready to work when you are standing in the checkout line.

Due to this frequent occurrance I chose to develop a little trick. Whenever I think up an idea, and as long as it won’t be rude to do so, I take out my phone and type the idea up into my notes. This could be in that very line at checkout, in the middle of the night as my insomnia is in full swing, or when I’m hanging out with a group of friends. As long as I’m not being inconsiderate, then I type up my idea and hope my inspiration remains in place until I’m ready to work.

You can’t always get right to work when you think up a new idea. You could be in the middle of a different project or maybe you haven’t sorted out all the finer details to your plan. Having a creative mind is very similar to painting a beautiful image. You must start with the background, or the basic plan, and work to the front layer of the painting, or the end of the idea. It would be unwise to start painting the next layer of your image before the background is dry. Always take your time and work through the matter at your own pace.

It’s far from easy to work slowly with any project you’re excited to create. I know you want to move quickly to finish your idea, but there is a big problem when you act this way. If you aren’t careful, the moment you are powering through you might discover you missed a key point in the process. Slow down and think things through so you don’t ruin all your hard work.

These words are a lot easier to say than to complete. I recommend finding the strength to walk away at points to allow your mind a break. If you have written the idea down or have already started then you are on a good path. Take your time with your projects so you can bring out the best of your talent.


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