“Free to Read” in Progress

It’s been quite some time since I last shared any updates with my followers so I wanted to break the silence for you. I might have been silent on my blog but my keyboard has been hard at work.

There has been on obvious bouncing back and forward with my ideas for my latest story series. One week I’m over the moon about how long I predict the chapter book will end up, but the next week I’m daydreaming about how cute the story will be read if written as a comic. Needless to say, it’s been hard to complete the work without holding a plan in stone.

I am happy to report my heart has become settled once and for all on the story becoming a comic! This might be more exciting for me than you, but there is something you might find very interesting. THIS COMIC WILL BE FREE FOR YOU TO READ. Did you get that? FREE!!! I promise I’m not telling you any sort of lie. Let me explain.

Have you ever heard of the website called WEBTOON? It’s an online site which allows creators to post strip comics. (Some of my favorites are Lore OlympusCape of SpiritsAge MattersORANGE MARMALADE, and Where Tangents Meet. Just to name a few.) This site allows readers to read through many comics for free. This might seem more beneficial for the reader so what’s the catch?

Honestly, the catch is tiny without a real negative effect on the readers. All readers may continue to read through comic after comic without spending a single dollar. That’s great and all, but what about the creator? How do they benefit? The benefit can come in many ways, I suppose. In my opinion, the greatest benefit is through Patreon. Provide your readers with a special prize for their monthly donation and you’ll add up the number of Patreon donators.

It’s almost common sense. If X person donates a simple dollar every month then they get a bonus drawing, comic strip, or some other tiny prize. A simple dollar won’t be missed by that one person, right? This might seem like a tiny amount, but multiply this dollar by 20 other Patreon donators and you’ve made 20 bucks. A great way to work the free comic to your benefit.

But what’s the catch?

The catch is you have to be good at what you do. Your story better be entertaining and the drawings must be pleasing. This was the biggest battle I took on when I first started debating writing Cupid’s story as a comic. (My story will star Cupid and his work living in the modern age. Plans are still in the works but it is really happening!) If you’re interested in seeing this story then I will share my social media pages here. Once I have the story officially up for reading then I’ll also provide links on my blog page.

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*If for any reason the creators of the comics I have shared above do not wish for me to share links to their WEBTOON comics please message me. I will remove them if you are not happy I shared links to your stories.*


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