A Draft Will Make Writing Easier

How do you start writing your novels? Do you outline? Do you create characters? Do you push together random notes? There are a lot of ways to get your story moving forward. Everyone has their own way and they need to do what’s best for them.

I’ve tried different methods and every time I write I think I try out something new. My first book, Curse Under The Moon by Shelby Beight was written after several blind attempts. I call them blind attempts because I didn’t have any piece of the story figured out before I began typing up the novel. Sure. I had a basic idea about the characters in my mind, but nothing was written down. After pulling this off once I would recommend others to never write this way. I managed to get the full series self-published without any problems, but that was only because I powered through without any distractions. But you know life, distractions can happen at any time and you shouldn’t risk it. Learn from my own experience.

No, if you want to make your story clear for your readers you should plan it out. Create anything you think you’ll need to reference. This will make your life easier while writing. My current plan is to write a comic series and share this series on a website called Webtoons. I’ve done a bit of research and it seems like a good site to use.  But I still have some minor planning to work through. This brings me back to the idea about writing a draft.

tablet and computer draft_edited

I am currently typing the story on my computer and sketching the images for the comic on my reMarkable tablet. My current plan is to type up the script and draw the panels for my story simultaneously. This will allow me to make the panels clear for each scene. I’m happy to say it’s been fun planning it out.

Time and time again this story has changed for me and many of my followers are possibly tired of all the changes. But this is why a draft is so important. Drafts allow authors to realize when things make sense or when the story isn’t going to work out how they originally thought. Allow your draft to direct you and open your eyes. It’s not easy to begin writing any draft. But it will bring your story to life if you put in the hard work required.




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