Don’t Let Your Excitement Ruin Your Tale

Before I begin knocking down anyone’s excitement I need to make one fact clear: There is nothing wrong to hold excitement over the work you are trying to complete. It’s always a thrill when you finally think up the prefect line for your work. I know you want to write it all out because it feels like it’s everything you wanted. But there are moments when you might want to step away and take a breather.

My latest novel idea holds a fun storyline focusing on Cupid, the god of love from Olympian mythology. It’s been done a few times before, but I couldn’t let go of my little plan. It made me excited, happy, thrilled, and a ton of other positive feelings all at once. This is when my problem started. My excitement for this idea was too large for me to focus on the tiny details of the story. I would start writing up an outline and have the story finished in less than 10 chapters. That’s not what I wanted, so I had to step away.

This problem often appears when your excitement forces you to miss out on the tiny details. The little moments in a romance allowing you to fall in love with their story. Those heart pounding chases in thrillers pushing you to read faster than you ever thought possible. The wonder you feel in mysteries making you question every character’s motive. These little factors are held in the author’s hands and it is entirely their responsibility to provide readers with every detail. No matter how small. It is also in their hands to separate themselves from the story so they can provide a tale written well enough for their readers to enjoy.

It’s great to be excited or thrilled about the story your hands are trying to share with others. But you need to be careful. Don’t let your excitement eliminate the important stages your story needs to come to life. Sometimes the best way to take away these factors is to step away from the story a little bit.

  • Step back.
  • Think about it.
  • Focus your mind.

Then you’ll have the ability to share the entire story instead of only the larger details. It’s in your hands to make sure everything revealed holds some importance to your entire tale. Don’t rush through it.


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