Back to Work After the Holidays!


This blog has been silent for a long time and there were several reasons keeping me away from my followers. The first reason is the most obvious. The holiday season and celebrating the new year. This takes many people away from their extra activities. (Yes, I would consider my blog an extra activity). Once the traveling finished, I was happy to say it was time to get back to work! Then I got sick…

Well, I’m hitting the rough stage of my cold, but this should mean the end is near. With the end in sight I chose to get back to work. Artwork, that is. My writing has taken a pause because I am struggling to get my ideas settled. Instead of continuing to stress over the writing, I thought up a fun idea for a painting. Here’s a photograph of the pencil drawing for the painting:


I’m super happy with the final image for this drawing. I started painting it a couple days ago, too. The exciting part is the final size of this image turned out to be about 14 x 13 inches. This means it is going to take an extremely long time to paint in comparison to the smaller images I usually design. It also means this is one of the largest pieces I’ve ever finished with an intent to sell. All of this makes me feel as if I’m really taking a step up in my art career.

Of course, my writing is still important. The idea of me sending my new novel to a publishing company has been bouncing around in my head. Of course, getting the book finished would be a good way to start this plan. Needless to say, sending my book out is not going to occur any time soon. I’ll be sure to share updates once I dive back into that adventure.

I haven’t shared a whole lot here, but there is mote to come. My goal is to get back on top of my art, my writing, and my blog.

Being creative can block out a lot of important matters if we let it. Always keep yourself working through it no matter what!!!


If you follow my Facebook page then you’ll receive even more updates and images as the picture featured in this post progresses. Exciting! An even better idea would be to follow my Etsy shop and see what’s already done and what’s soon to come.

Thanks! Have a good one!


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