Never Forget Where You Started

I suffered from a tiny cold this past week. The sickness killed my drive to do any work with my writing or my art. I only wanted to sit around and watch Criminal Minds. (I started all the way from season 1 episode 1. You don’t want to know how far I got…it’s amazing how much TV you can binge watch thanks to Netflix.) Eventually I chose to step away from the show to read a book.

What kind of novels do you like to read when you’re sick? Do you like happy stories so you can laugh and feel a little better? Or maybe you like mysteries to pull you into some excitement while you’re feeling dull? It all depends how you’re feeling and how you want to change those feelings. I have a large number of books in my possession which I haven’t read yet. So I knew I could find something entertaining enough to distract me for a little while. What novel do you think I picked up? I’m slightly embarrassed to say I didn’t read one of the numerous novels I have unread. No, I read Curse Under The Moon by Shelby Beight. You are reading that correctly. I read the very first novel I wrote and self-published.

I will say it was possibly one of the best things I could have done for myself. I read through this novel and enjoyed falling back into my old mindset. Remembering the days when I wondered if I would ever be able to take on my dream as I wrote out each chapter for my tiny novel. Reading my old story brought forward a bit of embarrassment, too. I was able to catch the spelling errors I missed, a few grammatical mistakes I can no longer correct, and there were times when I had to reread sentences to simply understand what I was trying to say. While those errors are embarrassing they are also encouraging. It’s great to see how far I have come since those early days of chasing my author dream.

Today’s post isn’t about the things you should do to improve your writing. Rather this post is about never forgetting where you were when you started your journey. In a way, this is some of the best encouragement you can give yourself to keep pushing forward. An easy way to fill yourself with pride to see how far you have come. Don’t be ashamed of those silly errors you made at the very start. Wear those mistakes proudly because you have learned from them. You should hold all of those mistakes so you could learn to fix them.

Everyone starts from zero! It’s in your hands to reach 100%!

Do you feel like you’ve gotten a lot better since you started taking on your dream? (Whatever that dream may be.) Do you still have a ways to go or do you think you’ve reached 100%?


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