The Little Challenges of an Author

When you become an author, you allow your mind to gather details dancing through the world. Your creativity pushes together those facts and the possibility arises for a new story. But how often do you end up walking away from those possible stories with nothing more than a smile on your face? You might be smiling in those moments, but there are times when those stories stick with you and no matter what you do the idea won’t die. That means there’s only one thing left for you to do. You have to take on the challenge!

The beginning stages of the challenge are usually easy. You do your best to push all the ideas you’ve gathered together. All the character facts, all the location details, and all the knowledge you were able to collect about the time. Then you start writing your story and you can feel your heart fill with excitement because it’s going along nicely. But as your reading through the start of your draft you find ONE missing detail and it all falls apart.

Moments like this can be the killing point for any story you want to create. I am willing to bet many authors have walked away from their stories because this fact brought on a lot of work they weren’t prepared to face. This brings on one thing I believe all authors should try to remember to avoid losing their stories: You need to hold the strength to bounce back from these difficult times. (It’s a lot easier to say these words then act on them). You might be forced to start from square one or go back several pages in your story to correct these errors. These moments could crush you but you must find your strength push forward because your dreams are in your hands.

Details build up the stories in our real lives so we have to make sure they build up the stories in the fictional world, too. These facts are only one of the many challenges we take on in our careers as authors. We knew this going in so we must continue to fight through this struggle with our heads held high.

What are the difficult tasks you find in your career?


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