New Website For My Career??

What’s going on with you on this cold yet beautiful morning? I’m in Pennsylvania and that means winter is starting to make its appearance. With this miserable coldness, I’m sitting at my computer in my warm slippers, drinking hot coffee, and wondering how long I should permit myself to sit in my pajamas…You know, the true struggle, right?

My thoughts have been racing around all morning as I was trying to think up what I want to do today. Should I work on getting more winter art completed? Should I focus on the graphic novel I’m trying to write? Should I sit back and watch TV and forget about being productive? Or should I start a whole new project?  The possible tasks are endless.

As I am trying to figure out my plans, I am watching YouTube videos because it’s entertaining. One of the videos shared an ad for Wix. A website which allows you to create your own website. My mind started to wonder and I am curious. Is there anyone out there using Wix? What is your opinion of it, because I am in debate about trying it out.

Sorry today’s post wasn’t very productive with my writing or art life, but ideas are still dancing around. As soon as I have new information to share you will be some of the first people to know.


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