Back to Page One!

I have been working hard to complete the script for my graphic novel. I am happy to share the first draft is complete!! But I am thinking I need to start over.

As I read through the draft all I could do was smile because it was finished. But I knew I couldn’t jump to the drawing stage just yet. I wanted to spend some time away from the pages to clear my head. I’m really glad I took the time to open my mind. If I didn’t I would have tried to release a pile of garbage.

Have you ever opened a graphic novel, read through it, and had all your answers provided right away? Probably not. (This statement is excluding all those great “one shots” out there). A lot of graphic novels carry their story through several books. As the story is told, we learn more and more about the characters and the adventure they are taking on. The questions build up and answers are provided only when the time is right. Sometimes these answers might not appear until after three more books, but we don’t stop and keep going. You want the answers because you are wrapped into the tale featuring great characters and a wonderful story.

I believe it is alright if you aren’t able to explain everything about your characters or story in one book. If you leave the right questions floating in the air your readers will carry the need to read on. Obvious questions should be answered, but there’s hardly a problem with leaving some wonder floating through the books. This statement is true for any novel you plan to write. Put mystery behind the words as well as wonder behind the pictures.

Sadly, this means I will be going back and cleaning up the graphic novel I thought was finished. Of course, no one said creating this story was going to be easy!

Do you enjoy making your readers wonder or do you try to answer all the questions right away?

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