Obsess – Write – Edit – Don’t Stop

I have shared a few posts with you about my interests and attempts to write a graphic novel. (Check out my previous posts to learn more about it). It’s been one challenge after another. These challenges nearly convinced me to run away from it all. I mean, why should I force myself to work through it all if I’m not making ANY progress? But I didn’t stop and pushed on. I’m very excited to say the first draft of book one in my graphic novel series has been completed. Want to know how I made it through? Then read on.


At the beginning, I think it is fine for you to become a little crazy about all the bits and pieces of the story you’re planning to write. Think about the events you want to happen. Daydream about the characters and how they will act. Imagine all the moments your readers will enjoy. I can recall a time or two when I would sit back and think, if I was Sally, how would I handle this situation? (Sally is a main character from my novels in The Lyall Pack Series). Become obsessed because that only means you’re going to make it the best it can be.

2. Write

This little tip may seem obvious to you when you think about it. If you’re an author, of course you’re going to write. But it’s not quite as simple as just write. What I mean with this is to write without stopping. Don’t go back and edit a damn thing. Push on and get the story completed. You want to get everything on paper or in your computer before you start worrying about the little details. Fixing your mistakes can come after you get the first draft completed.

3. Edit

See? You’re editing was only waiting for the story to be ready. I think it would be very difficult for any author to edit their story when they have no idea what is about to happen. (Unless you wrote a draft, but you have to edit your draft…so these steps could also be applied to your draft). I believe you should hold off on any editing until you are done writing the entire book. This way you should be able to sit back, relax, read your entire story, and realize right away if it makes sense. Also, this is a good way to catch bits you left out or things you added holding no point to the big story.

4. Don’t Stop

This stage is actually a general rule to hold over all the previous stages. Sometimes authors will come across challenges which throw us through a twist. This twist will make you want to step away, cry, scream, yell, or give up on everything having to do with your novel. And you know what? It might be a good idea to step away every now and again to give yourself some time to clear out your head. I mentioned before sometimes there’s a need to step away to Change Your Setting and make your mind work better. That’s alright as long as it gives you the drive to keep pushing forward and never give up. Be a champ!

These little stages are what I went through when I wrote my first set of novels and they are what I’m experiencing as I work on my graphic novels. I’m not giving up yet so I guess these are the stages which work for me. You might hold a different method to write, but as long as it works then that’s what you have to do. Maybe some of this might help you work out a new plan to help with your writing?

What stages do you go through when you work? Are they similar to mine or are yours completely different?


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