There’s Too Many! How Can I Focus on Only One?!

Good morning! (Morning for me anyway). For the past few weeks, I have been bouncing around with some interesting ideas. I’m so excited to get them started and share them with you once they are completed. I have a few plans for artwork, novels, and graphic novels deep in my brain. Too much to do and so little time!

The most frustrating part with these ideas is how little work I’m doing to actually clear them out of my head. My biggest problem is I have allowed myself to become so focused on one project (my graphic novel idea) that I haven’t allowed any dedication to appear for my other ideas.

This is a problem I take on with my creative mind almost every day. I’m sure you probably do the same thing when you get obsessive about one idea over your other plans. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with giving your all towards one project when you know where you’re going with it. That, my friends is the current problem I’m taking on. I mentioned something about this before in my last post. Obviously, it’s a big problem for me.

I know the basic, ending destination for my graphic novel but I have no idea how I want my characters to get there. I have scribbled up so many starts to my idea. I am frustrated because I walked away from almost all of those starts. I mean, look at this…

It might be hard to see all the scripts I started writing (I blurred them for protection purposes) but there are 10 ideas I started writing and gave up on. Some I gave up on before I even finished my attempt with the story! That’s when I made this realization: I need to step away from the idea to clear out my mind.

I have made the strict decision to start working on some art projects I’ve been holding back from completing for a little while. I might scribble down novel or graphic novel ideas as they pop in my head, but my focus will be on my art. Sometimes, taking a break from your project is the best way to finally complete your project.

Does your mind ever fill too many ideas? How do you work through all your plans? Let me know in your comments!


3 thoughts on “There’s Too Many! How Can I Focus on Only One?!

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