Manga Style or American Comic Style?

While my husband and I were in the process of moving all our junk across several states, I chose to put a pause on my career as an author and as an artist. The pause I took on kept me away for almost two months and it was, no surprise, hard to sit down and get back to work. Thankfully, the time I spent away from my writing and art provided me with the ability to clear out my head. There was a lot of useless junk bouncing around in there. My open mind is now ready to get back to work. Finally.

I mentioned before I went away, there was a major need to organize my thoughts and it’s thrilling to finally be getting on top of that. Ever since I’ve settled in at our new house, I have dedicated more of my time to figure out my graphic novel idea that’s been jumping through my thoughts. It feels as if this is a project I really want to work on. I’m very excited about this creation because it will be a beautiful combination of my art and writing.

Before I can start drawing up the pages there are some questions I have to answer. Will I create this story to be read left to right or right to left? Will I color the pages or leave them black and white? What genre is this story going to be? (Genre is a little factor which could help me decide the drawing style for my characters). The answers to these questions will be much easier to find as soon as I decide the style my comic will take on. Do I want to draw the story in a manga style or will I aim to make it appear more American? Obviously, I draw with more of a manga style…

…so I think the answer for the style is pretty obvious (yes, I did draw this image). Okay, that question was easy to answer, but there is one question I am going to reach out to my followers for a bit of advise. Do you think it would be better to create my comic to be read left to right in the American style or should I follow the expected style of a manga with the story occurring right to left?

A lot of the questions I asked in today’s post will be answered once I start writing more of the story. Creating this comic will be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to share with you the different things I learn through the process.

What kind of style do you think would be better? Let me know what you think about this question or any of the other questions I addressed in the comments below!


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