Organizing My Thoughts x3

After I finished writing The Lyall Pack Series I was trying to figure out what to write next. It’s a challenge I am taking on even to this very day. One minute I want to write another fantasy style, the next I’m scheming up a murder mystery, and as of late I’ve been aiming towards the idea of a graphic novel. With all these plans bouncing around inside my mind I haven’t been able to focus on bits to share with you, my followers. But if I want to keep your attention I have to get back to sharing some tips, tricks, stages, or whatever I can to help clear out my mind. I mean, getting even the tiniest of bits written out might prove more helpful than holding them in. So let’s talk a little bit about what’s going on in this crazy head of mine.

  • A New Series

A short time after I finished The Lyall Pack Series, I wanted to start writing again. Sadly, I couldn’t think up where I wanted to go with a new story. Would I write the same fantasy style? Would I step into a more realistic story? Or would I try out something I have never tried before? The possibilites were endless and I couldn’t settle my thoughts for one option. I don’t quite recall how it happened, but suddenly I knew what I wanted to write.

I figured I would write another series about Fairies and the fantasy idea of them being in today’s world. It was going to be a challenge but I was excited. I have learned a lot through self-publishing my first three novels, so I was ready to move on to my next set. I worked through the big process of building up my characters to figure out their stories. I even began working on outlines. (I say outlines because I had several ideas of how I could take the story. Not to mention this is a series so more than one book equals more than one outline, right?)

Time passed and I am sad to say I was struggling to make satisfying progress with the story. I generally knew what I wanted but nothing was successfully making it to paper. So, I chose to step away and give my mind a rest. While in my resting period, I thought up a brand new idea.

  • A Murder Mystery

I thought I might have been struggling so much because I was trying to write up another series. The biggest challenge with this series was the simple fact it would probably work out to include way more than three books like my first series. Thinking more about it, I thought it would be good to allow myself a chance to relax and work on a story made for one book. A novel that would be by itself and not need several books to tell the story. As I stepped away from my fantasy idea, I opened my mind to the possibility of writing a murder mystery.

Okay, murder mysteries are a challenge. I have learned that now. This genre requires a lot of planning. In my first series, I was able to squeeze by without writing an outline, but I knew things would be different with a murder. I would need to plan out when things occurred, how they occurred, and how the clues piece together. I have a basic idea on how things will work out with this tale, but I keep hitting wall after wall. 

Yet again, I had to take a break so I wouldn’t get angry and ruin positive progress with my story.

  • A Graphic Novel

While stepping away from my novels, I have thought up the idea for a cute story that would make an adorable graphic novel. I think it would be enjoyable to read the story I imagined. It made me smile, so I pushed it to the back of my mind. The key words there are back of my mind. In other words, I didn’t drop the idea entirely, but set it aside. I think about the story from time to time and it always makes me smile. It didn’t take long for me to decide the best way to satisfy these thoughts was to bring the story to life with my own hands.


By this point I have learned that stepping away from any idea is bad for me. Giving myself a break only allows for my creative mind to think up something new. So now I’m going to progress each day by working on at least one of these three ideas. If I need a break, I won’t allow my mind total freedom so I won’t try to add new stories to this list.

I believe, it’s alright for an author to have more than one story progressing at a time. As long as the author can separate the stories without making them overlap. Of course, if you can’t work on more than one, there’s another solution. Every extra thought you have should be written down. Then you can finish the main story you want to work on and go back to the other ideas you couldn’t dedicate time towards. 

As you can see, I may have been silent but my mind hasn’t stopped working. Now it’s time to work.

Do you work focus on one project at a time or do you pile your work?

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