A Break Could Be Necessary For Your Work

I have been away taking on a new stage of my life outside of writing and I am happy to say taking this stage in life provided me with a much needed break to open my mind.

Working hard is always a great thing, but it is your job to know when you need a break. Sometimes you might not need a break, but life might require your focus and therefore this might pull you away from your job. Breaks are especially improtant to those of us who work from home and on our own. Our careers are entirely in our hands and as great as that is, sometimes that can also be a bad thing. Because we all know the your worst critic is yourself. If you don’t allow your mind to take breaks then in only a short matter of time you begin to hate everything you try to build up.

I am sad to say, I was beginning to reach that point before I took a break. I was starting to hate every word I typed into my story and wanted to burn up every image I tried to create. But truth be told, I knew I didn’t lose my talents as an artist or author. In fact, here’s an image I drew up while I was struggling through this internal battle.

See? She is done alright and I think this proves to myself I’m only getting better. 

She’s a cute anime woman and my little niece even said she could be supergirl’s mom. It made me smile to hear those positive words from her little mind and that only allowed me to come to a single conclusion. Breaks are alright and sometimes we need to take them in order to allow progress in our work.

At the moment, my etsy shop, ShelbyBoydeArt is taking a short vacation because I am in the long progress of selling our house and moving. Oh, it’s a trying time and it forced me to rip my mind away from my writing and artwork. But, obviously, I am not ready to say “I’m done” with my careers just yet.

The break away from my work allowed me to talk freely with my family and friends about whatever I wanted. If it happened to be work, cool. But if we chose to talk about something else, I wasn’t panicking over stepping away. Opening my mind to the other things in the world allowed me to actually clear up some details with my story. I made a lot of realizations over my little break and these new ideas are more than I could have hoped for while I was away.

Once I’m finally moved in to my new place, I can’t wait to get started on writing again and I can’t wait to share new tips and bits I learn with you. I hope you haven’t missed me too much and I hope you’re still working hard for your own dreams.

Live, Love, Write!!


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