My Writing Career Is All In My Hands

I have mentioned at least once before about my failure to accomplish my 2017 Author Goals. Why am I failing so much with these goals? There are three main problems holding me back.

  1. I have too many ideas I want to write.
  2. I really want to work on new art projects.
  3. I have so many books to read!

These are the top three reasons I am moving so slowly to accomplish my first published piece. It really sucks because these three problems are simple enough to fix when you really think about it. I spoke with a new friend the other day and it really made me think about how I’m failing to get my author career moving forward.

It’s all in my hands to clean up this mess.

Possible Solution to Problem Number One

When I sit back to think about the novel I’m working on there are several, different ways I can take the story. So far I have managed to type up a couple, short pages for the new book, but that’s it. Months of working and I only have a few, pathetic pages to look at. (Okay, they aren’t truly pathetic, but I’m allowed to be a bit dramatic).

The big problem I’m facing here is sometimes I come up with a great scene but it’s not right. It’s not right because it doesn’t actually happen in the novel I want to write.


The scene might be great, but it’s for one of the other novel ideas I have bouncing around inside my head. I get so angry with myself when this happens. I get mad, end up storming away from my computer, and then I give up while admitting defeat. But here’s the catch: Those ideas I have in my head are usually for novels I plan to someday release. Since there’s nothing forcing me to publish X story by X date, there’s no reason I can’t write more than one book at a time. Heck, even if I had to publish a certain book by a certain date, no one would consider it a problem if I wrote another story on the side. Writing up these ideas will only clear up my mind.

Solution: I need to dedicate at least a couple hours every day to write something I plan to publish. It could be a novel I want to publish soon or a novel I might not publish for several years. But I can’t call myself an author if I’m not writing, right?

Possible Solution to Problem Number Two

I allow my creative mind to be distracted by many thoughts time and time again. These thoughts could be the different ideas for novels I want to write, as I mentioned in the previous problem, or they could be thoughts on different art projects I have dancing in my head.

Since the other part of my career is selling my artwork at ShelbyBoydeArt, it’s not a bad thing to allow myself to be distracted with art projects. (I feel it is much easier to dedicate a couple days to complete a painting rather than the large amount of time it calls to write a novel). My only problem with this is I allow my artwork to overtake my mind so much that I occasionally think about letting go of my writing career. I can’t let that go because I honestly love it so much. 

Solution: I should dedicate some flexible time for my artwork. It would be easy to set aside a few hours of my day to dedicate time to get my work finished. The only catch is the time I dedicate to artwork needs to be flexible because sometimes a project I think will only take a couple hours to complete ends up taking days to finish. This means I may have to set aside a whole day or two of the week to be “art days” rather than only setting aside a couple hours.

Possible Solution to Problem Number Three

Not only have I ignored the work I need to accomplish under my author goals, I have also ignored a long list of novels I want to read featured in my Shame Book Tag 2017. The biggest problem I have with this list isn’t the fact I’m not reading. Oh no, far from it. The problem I have with this distraction is the fact that I am reading books I’ve already read!

Yeah, I have a very long list of novels I haven’t read but I continue to read the books sitting on my completed list. It’s annoying, but at the same time if I don’t have a problem with reading another book over and over again then that says a lot about the author and the novel. Reading a book more than once shouldn’t be considered a bad thing, not really anyway. If you love it, then read it!

My biggest issue with this problem is I really want to expand myself to other novels that I might find even more interesting than the novels I continue to read again and again.

Solution: I can continue to read my favorites over and over, but I have to at least get through more novels I’ve never touched. I can’t really open my mind to new possibilities if I don’t try something new.

It sucks that I have to type all this out for you to read, but I think this is the best way to get my goals into gear. There’s nothing stopping me from clearing away these issues other than myself.

I love my careeers so I don’t want to force myself to do any of these tasks and risk building up any hatred towards what I have chosen to do with my life. But it’s kind of hard for a person to call herself an author/artist if she doesn’t get any work done to honestly claim that label.

Soon I will build myself a schedule for my work and dedicate my time properly. It won’t be a job I have to clock in to accomplish, and that might allow me to be lazy at times, but it is a job I have to dedicate serious time towards if I want anyone else to take me seriously.

How do you get prevent yourself from getting distracted from accomplishing your goals?

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