Brand New Season To Remember My Starting Goals, Same Old Me Trying To Slack Off!

How was your first day of spring? Did you get to spend time in the sunshine or are you still battling the snowy weather? Thankfully, the weather is nice in my southern state and I have been able to take my work to my back porch a few times. I love sitting outside when I write or work on my art. Especially when the weather is being coroporative. There is only one factor holding me back from getting any work for my latest novel done. 

Lack of motivation!

Well, there is plenty of motivation in my bones, but it’s not directed towards writing as I would hope. At the start of the year I wrote about my Author Resolutions For 2017 but those have already fallen through. I’m not surprised because how many times do you set goals only to let them fade away? You say you’re finally going to start a new goal because it’s way overdue. Maybe you want to read more, start exercising, work harder, or simply do better with your usual tasks. You keep your goals up for only a few weeks (some of us for only a few days) and then drop them like those goals never had a true meaning. Most of us do that, so I’m not blaming you. In fact, my own slacking is what this post is about.

I haven’t gotten nearly as much book work done as I was hoping to have done by this spring. My tiny progress is funny because the biggest struggle I’m facing is not caused by not knowing how I want the story to play out. Oh no. I’ve thought up several ways to get the story going and how to make it pull at my readers’ curiosity. The problem I’m facing comes with choosing the best way to move forward. The only outline I have is stored in my head, but my head is about as trusty as a four-year-old with a glass jar. Instead, as much as I hate doing it, I think I will have to write an outline. It might only be a brief outline, but some sort of guildline is obviously needed by this point.

It will take a lot of hard work, but that’s what I know I have to do. I can’t say I’m going to put more work into my writing only to end up turning away and making my words all lies. Once I finish my new art projects (which are going to take a lot of time if I were to tell you the truth), I’m going to kick my butt into gear! There’s no time to slack off!!

Have you stuck with your new year’s resolutions or is your motivation standing strong?


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