Art Is Taking Over My Life…But That’s Okay

As you know, I am trying to become a loved author. (You can check out my books through the links provided at the end). It’s been a lot of work, but I have enjoyed it all so far. All the struggles will be worth it as long as I am happy.

Along with my writing, I also want to be recognized through my art. Thanks to several opinions shared, I was convinced there wasn’t much hope for what I really wanted to do. I was given too many reasons to give up and I thought I had to walk away from my first dream. 

I still did little bits of art here and there but I no longer allowed myself to hold on to my passion. Thankfully, my sister-in-law changed all that when she told me a bit about Etsy. (She owns her own store, look at it here). It didn’t take long for me to be convinced to own a shop. 

I opened a shop called ShelbyBoydeArt and it was nothing but excitement from there on. I have only sold one piece so far, but there have been a lot of hits for the items I am selling. Would you like to see some examples of what I make? You could follow the link I provided at the start of this paragraph to see all I have made for sale or you can look at some of my favorite items below.

Fairy Tail Red Magnet

This item is brought to life through the very famous anime/manga called Fairy Tail. This story is one of my favorites and something I think a lot of people would love. My love for this tale called for me to do something to honor it. This would be considered a bit of “fan art” and is a style very popular on Etsy.

Cat Love Silhouettes: Original Design

This painting was designed to celebrate my love for cats. These cats were made in honor of my little babies, but I wanted the design to be made available for someone else to love. 

Growing Death: Original Design

This is one of my more favorite designs. A simple lined painting with the skulls created using polymer clay. This is a slightly more dark creation, but I think it is cute all at the same time. Almost has a Tim Burton feel to it.

William Shakespeare Framed Quote: Abstract Design

William Shakespeare is one of my favorite writers because his writing is so well-known. His words are almost always something worth reading. I felt a need to paint up his quote.

Reading Together: Original Design

This is another one of my favorites in my shop. I could see this hung up on someone’s wall with the images directly next to one another or spaced apart for a visual effect. It would also be adorable for a couple to have the two paintings shared. A partner has one half while their love has the other half. Cute!

As cool as those designs are I am still trying out new things. Thankfully, I stumbled upon a free art computer program called MediBang Paint. I enjoy it and I’ve learned a lot. Some of what I’ve done:

  • These three women were made using the same image because I was trying to learn how to work the program. The only difference in the pictures is the shade of blue to their hair and a very slight difference in their skin tone. I learned a lot when I was simply testing the program out with this design.

  • I draw a lot of female characters because I feel as if they are easier to draw. This is true because a.) I am a female so I know how our bodies are and b.) I remember females being more popular in the “how to” books I used to get when I was learning how to draw them up. I wanted to test out my hand to a male character and I am very happy with the ending image. (Other anime fans may recognize my inspiration for this drawing. I didn’t even notice it until after it was done! Before I could stop myself I had created a cute guy by combining Yuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov from Yuri!!! on Ice. Oops?)

I’m only going to play around with this program for a little more because I want to turn my attention back to writing my romantic drama soon. My excitement with this new program is settling down so it should be easy to work on putting my story together again. 

The desire to write has not abandoned me, yet. I’m certain you will start seeing more updates on my writing any day now. At least, we can hope!

My novels mentioned in the beginning: 1. Curse Under The Moon 2. Jump Over The Sun 3. Hidden In The Stars


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