Thursday Tiny Tale 10

I was halfway through singing the song when old memories began to rush through my mind. I couldn’t believe how powerful the words became as our time together flew by. What was once a song of simplicity was now all the private memories of the times shared with my dearest. I could remember all the moments we treasured. The secrets we exchanged hidden away from everyone’s eyes. The stories we told to bring smiles back to our faces. It felt like it was a lifetime ago. For some, it was.

I wiped a tear from the corner of my eye. Even when the tear appeared I knew could not stop singing the song. It was our song. The song we labeled as our powerful theme. All the words cried out the many dreams we were chasing all while remembering the dreams we accomplished. We wouldn’t have made it far if we hadn’t been together.


He pushed me forward every time fear pulled me back. I kicked his doubt down every, single time he tried to say we had to bring it to an end. Deep down we knew it was a battle we wouldn’t win. Time was against us. Luck, chances, and opportunities flashed by but we couldn’t take hold. At least, we couldn’t do it together.

He wanted me to abandon him time and time again. He encouraged me to move forward and take the next step. But no matter how he tired to push me I would never take hold without him. But I couldn’t abandon our dream. Even if we were supposed to accomplish it together.

“Mr. Silver, we need to leave so we can make your next recording,” our driver said from behind as soon as the final words left my lips. The old man had been working right alongside us ever since we first put our talents together. The kind man understood why I needed to visit on that special day and he never judged the out of the way trips we took to visit the grave.

“Happy birthday, Derek,” I said. I covered the ring box with dirt in front of his monument. It was the ring I prayed time and time again I would have given to him sooner. It was truly a shame his illness beat me in the race to claim his life. “Will you marry me?”

Tears poured down my cheeks as I slid my own ring on my finger and stood from my crouched position. There would never be another able to take his spot. Once more, I sang the final line of our song before I could step away. I knew it would always be our song.

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