Thursday Tiny Tale 9

I looked across the way to my dear friend locked away in his own cell. I had known the other face for a total of two years. My captivity began only one year prior to his arrival. Our leaders called him Steve. He was pretty good about listening to their orders already and he had only been held captive for less than a few months. Early on his whinning was overwhelming, but it didn’t take long for him to adjust. Being thrust into what these people call life was not an easy task.

We had to learn how to eat, move about, and communicate with little gestures. It wasn’t easy to bring about a voice. So far I only conmunicated with some kind of garbled mess. I knew what I wanted deep inside my head, but the words were unable to leave my lips. Thankfully, the leaders were getting better about understanding my gestures and whines. Practice was all they really needed.

I blinked my lazy eyes as the world around me began to blur. Maybe taking a nap wasn’t such a bad idea. I could always communicate with Steve whenever he woke up. It wasn’t like we took long naps anyway. We could discuss our disagreement when we woke in a little while. Because damn it that giraffe was mine!

Mary peeked into the baby’s room and let out a sigh of relief. There had been a silly fight full of crying and squealing whenever she tried to give the green giraffe to Steve before their nap time. Ren threw a fit about it and it was a mess right after that. She smiled as Joe walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her stomach from behind. He lowered his head so his chin was resting on her shoulder. The closeness to her ear permitted him to whisper as he spoke.

“Do you ever wonder if there is deeper meaning to their fights? Maybe there are in fact intelligent thoughts inside those little heads,” Joe suggested. A smile could be heard in his voice.

“They’re babies,” Mary said with a soft giggle. “I doubt they even know what they were fighting for.”

“What did you do with the giraffe?” The smirk grew on his face because he already knew the answer.

“I hid it on top of the self in our closet for now,” she said with a soft glare to her husband. “Their possible intelligent thoughts will never outweigh my height.”

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