Thursday Tiny Tale 8

I took a sip of the dark liquid and couldn’t understand a human’s desire for the horrid drink. My latest project from my top university was to study mankind and learn all I could about their traits and different personalities. I spent the first few days simply watching and scribbling down notes as I observed. It didn’t take long for me to realize humans carried simple lives. Not nearly as threatening as the lives of the people back on my home planet.

“That was an interesting face,” an elderly woman said with a chuckle as she mixed in some form of white powder into her own drink. “Try adding some cream and sugar. You probably ordered a drink a bit too strong, my dear. But there’s nothing wrong with being adventurous.”

As the older woman chuckled I did as she recommended. I mixed in a small amount of the items called cream and sugar. The drink went from a harsh taste to something I would be willing to bet was magic. Humans were so creative! I couldn’t wait to learn more.

A buzz sounded on my mobile devise so I answered the call. Thankfully, humans also carried such creations so it did not appear weird for me to talk into such a device.

“Good morning,” I greeted with the common phrase mankind used during this time of day.

“Ah, I see your stay is proving to be useful,” my professor said with a hint of a smile to his voice. “What can you tell me that you’ve learned so far about these people?”

I walked out of the shop and held the door for the elderly woman who had shown me the way. She gave a soft thanks with a wave as she moved away.

“These people are interesting and have some clever inventions. Have you ever heard of coffee?” I asked as I sipped away at the gift I had been given.

“Oh, that’s some type of drug they created,” he said and I stopped dead.


“Well, not quite as harmful, but I am aware some people can’t function without it,” my professor laughed. “At least we aren’t as foolish as those creatures.”

“True…” I said and then sipped away at the drug. It was going to be a fun story to tell when I got back to my own planet. The idea I would actually become addicted to such a thing. I licked my lips and continued on my way.

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