News: Could You Write 15 Books in 5 Years?

It’s always fun to read up on famous authors or cool articles focusing on interesting book news. That’s why I wanted to honor as many Fridays as possible to share the news I find about great book stuff. I may have wanted to share something from a famous face but a different type of article caught my attention: “A Powerhouse – 15 Books in Five Years.” 

Obviously, I was curious.

I opened the article to read through this little story about an author named Connie Cockrell. I quickly learned, this was far from a little story. I was impressed.

While I sit here and wonder what the next step will be to get my book finished, Mrs. Cockrell has already written 15 books simply because she was taking on a challenge. This little challenge gave her a passion to continue an author career and it seems she’s happy with the outcome. That’s awesome!

Check out the article I provided in the first paragraph or read more about her work through this Goodreads link.

A lot of her books have great ratings on the site. I’m going to have to investigate further once I knock out a few of the books collecting dust on my shelves. 

Which authors hold your admiration for all their hard work?


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