What’s Going On? Slight Laziness…

Last week I was excited because I found my drive to get my novel started. The words seemed to jump right from my fingers to the computer. I was so pumped! And then I stepped away only to let the excitement die.

Talking of my excitement’s death is a little extreme, but that’s how it feels. At one point I was producing magic and the next thing I knew I was stuck. But that’s how it goes as an author. It’s not like you expect to sit down and spill the entire novel out in one go. That would most likely turn the story into a pile of garabage.

Last week, I only got about half of chapter one writtten because I started to debate the pathway I wanted the tale to go. Would my readers prefer to learn more about my investigator’s office or should I hop right to the investigation? Do they want finer details about the plan the investigator makes or do they simply want it to read it as it happens? There are usually several ways to get the answers to those questions across.

I call myself lazy simply because I’m not typing away at my computer. But that doesn’t mean I’m not working. Every thought I have, you have, a cousin has, or even that ex you never talk to holds potential to help you get your work done. 

Maybe you’re an author stuck on the best way to make your main character end up three cities away from where he lives. You’ve debated several possibilities and then you hear Joe Smoe across the street laugh about accidentally getting arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. There’s your answer! Okay, it’s a far fetched answer, but you didn’t get it sitting in front of your computer, did you?

We often call ourselves lazy, but that doesn’t mean that’s the truth. You may see me sitting quietly while drinking nice, warm coffee. (I have a doctor’s appointment so I had to skip the drink. Now it’s on my mind!) You might think I’m lost in the heavens when in reality I’m thinking about the best way for the barista to get away with slipping poison into your drink. Heck, even people who aren’t authors think up these random and scary thoughts. We’re just the ones who intend to sribble it down and bring it to life.

How do you brainstorm for your work? Do you simply remember it, write it down, or maybe draw pictures? Let me know!

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