News: Spreading The Want To Read Worked!

A couple months ago I shared some book news I read online about the very famous and highly loved, Emma Watson. Apparently, she was doing all she could to get people to read more. You can read what I wrote about her actions here.

Her love for reading drove her to work hard and attempt to get others to see the light. It made me happy to learn her work wasn’t lost on others in the world.

A couple of young women, Rosy Kehdi and Hollie Fraser took the steps to follow Emma Watson’s lead. They started a nonprofit organization, Books on the Subway. This group does exactly what the title suggests. They scatter books around their subway so people have the oportunity to pick up a book and read. The best part? Any book found this way is entirely free!

Thanks to some welcomed support, from famous faces like Emma Watson and Kendrick, they were able to amp up their efforts to share up to almost 50 books a day. This is a simple task that is only working to pull in more people to once again grab hold of the lost love for reading a new book.

I really hope this remains to be an activity available in our world and I truly hope more people find the desire to, if not help spread the cause, at least remember their love with reading once again.

Want to learn more? Scott A. Rosenberg’s article can be read here

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