Thursday Tiny Tale 7

A Knight’s Pleasure

Daniel Yorick spent his childhood training under his father to become one of the leading knights for the royal family. All the dreams he saw in the past were of him fighting away the bad guys to protect his royal masters. None of them had been about guarding the princess as she slept.

The night’s deep darkness wrapped everyone inside the castle like a dark lock. The hallways were silent and the only noises to be heard were the tiny critters outside chirping their usual song. 

Late night watchers were the ones who learned all about the noises in the night. Daniel could pick out each critter’s chirp, all the rattles caused by the wind, and the small scruffling heard behind the princess’s door. Yes, he knew what all the sounds were and he knew how to respond properly to them all.

A soft scratch was made on the other side of the princess’s doorway and a sly smile flashed on Daniel’s face. 

Her door cracked open ever so slightly and Daniel slid into the room with amazing ease. His many yeas spent with weapons on his body taught him how to move quietly in any situation.

“Your highness,” he said with a bow once he was in her room. He straightened his posture as she looked up to him with a smirk. She grabbed his chin to examine his somewhat rugged face.

“You’re in luck this look appeals me so,” she said with a playful glare. She ran her fingernail along his jaw and licked her lips. “I am oh so terrified of the nightmares in my bed. Would you care to help me with the battle?”

“What frightening battles are we about to take on?” Daniel asked as he backed her towards the bed where their future battles would take place. 

“I think you know. Kiss me, you fool,” she whispered in a heated tone and grabbed the front of his overcoat to pull the knight’s body closer to her own. The motion was rough. An unexpected action from a woman appearing so gentle.

Daniel chuckled as they fell back against her bed. They were about to take on one of his favorite middle of the night battles. He wasn’t placed to be a guard for the princess every night, but when he was there she made sure he worked hard. Sometimes it was a true challenge to work under the rich man’s orders, but the pleasure he found when working under the princess made it worth it.

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