You Gotta Write What You Gotta Write…No Matter How Embarrassing

A couple days ago I shared this post about figuring out many details for my novel. I was so pumped to get the story started. Sadly, I couldn’t get past page one. You might ask why. The answer is simple all while being extremely embarrassing…Fan Fiction

Yeah, I went out there and said it. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with writing these little tales, but often times it clouds my mind. The thoughts usually happen when I’m reading the latest update for my favorite manga or skimming around online for cute pictures on Pinterest. As I’m looking a moment occurs when I think, It would be awesome if something like this happened to this other character in this other story with this other person. More often than not, the tale clouds up my mind and I can’t focus on what I should be focusing on.

Ready for the shameful part? I’m often more obsessed with the idea of two video game characters getting together than I am about the characters I created getting together. 

Final Fantasy VII

I always give in and end up telling myself Just write this story and you can move on with your real work. As much as I want this to be true, it’s very hard sometimes. But as I sit back and think about it I have realized something: As long as I’m being creative then it doesn’t really matter what I write about.

I think any person who can put together a story should feel as if they are an author. Do you like writing fictional stories about Harry Potter? Great! What about some exciting tales of Fairy Tail? Go for it! Are you upset those two characters never got together? Make it happen! (All images I’ve shared feature characters I’ve written about as MissGoose…all rights belong to the respecting parties and I did not receive any sort of payment for those stories.)


Skip Beat!

Yuri!!! on Ice


Fairy Tail

Sure, this steps on the rocky road of ideas not being your own, but that’s why you should never get paid to write these tales. Not to mention a clear statement about holding no rights to the characters, original tale, and all that. I honestly believe as long as you are typing away then there’s no reason feel ashamed of your work. Whether you’re finally piecing together the bits of your own tale or you’re stuck and fall back on your favorite fanfic couple, just do it! I’ll support you!

I shared my little secret. Now, I want to know…

Have you ever written fan fiction or do you currently write it? Let me know and maybe I’ll check out your work!


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