I Said There Would Be No Slacking Off…I’m A Bad Listener

Last week, I made a very serious claim about my job. I shared with all of my followers I believed There’s No Excuse To Slack Off. I had a great plan to complete more work for myself all while finally getting out to the real world. My husband was competing in a Magic: The Gathering card tournament. (Not quite a real world experience, but I was excited with the chance to get away). I was going to spend a little bit of time seeing what the tournaments were like for him. It was going to be a lot of fun.

I was excited, but I wasn’t going to follow him around like a little puppy. So when I wasn’t observing I had my necessary work supplies with me. I could work on completing the beginning stages of my new novel. It was a great plan! Well, great until I didn’t complete it.

I had every intention of working on building up my new novel. On Saturday, I opened my iPad ready to work only to be distracted by all the apps holding fun promises on the screen. The next thing I knew I was watching the final episode of Your Lie in April. I allowed the anime to rip me from my original plans, but I don’t hold any regret with watching the entire series. It was an emotional journey, but I enjoyed it. Now that I’m back to the “real world” it’s time for me to get to work and to drop the excuses.

“Don’t let yourself make excuses for not doing the things you want to do.” Sam Altman

As an author, I really want to dedicate the proper amount of time to get my work done. I want to drop all the excuses I deem logical for not completing one task or another. I didn’t have the time. My dear friend was visiting. I had a doctor’s appointment. I was feeling sick. Blah, blah, blah. If I want people to take me seriously as an author I need to take myself seriously. I always tell others I find my career enjoyable because I don’t make it tedious or overbearing like the jobs I once held standing behind the register. As great as that is, there is little to no reason for me to slack off when it comes to making my career a success. Yes, from time to time it’s okay to take a break. We can’t expect average humans to work like robots. But being an adult means I know the difference between taking a break and being lazy.

If I want to make heavy progress on my novel this year then I have to dedicate the right amount of time. I have spoken with a few other people and I have come to a method I will be trying to act on to complete the storyline. I will share the general plan with my followers once I work out the bits and pieces. It’s not going to be easy, but that should give me enough excitement with creating the story to hold my dedication. It’s time to make my dream novel real.

How often do you slack off with the tasks you have placed before yourself?

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