There’s No Excuse To Slack Off

This weekend is going to be a bit of a fun weekend for me, my husband, and our friends. We are all getting together to attend a card tournament featuring the game called Magic: The Gathering. It’s fun and I enjoy playing so I’m excited to go watch them all play. I’m not going to play in any of the games because I like the game but I’m not a great player. Instead, I’m going to use this time to relax. Thinking about the relaxing time ahead gave me one thought. If I’m going to be relaxing all weekend why should I start working on something new? The only problem with this thought is the fact my latest novel idea has been in my head long enough I can no longer get away with calling the idea “new.”

I was thinking about finally getting down and putting words onto the computer screen I’ve been staring at for weeks upon weeks now. The story idea is there and the final details are almost complete. I just need to sort out a few big scenes I don’t want to mess up and then I can write my story. It’s easy enough and all I have to do is type it up or scribble it into a notebook. I’ll be honest, the only reason I haven’t done anything is because I’m worried I’ll mess something up. Worrying: it’s what I do.

I have to laugh at my worry because there is no point to stress over this the way I am. I’ll write up the complicated scenes I need written, figure out what needs to happen to lead up to those scenes, and then start from the beginning to get those scenes in order. Pretty easy and I think the only thing holding me back is the fear I’ll mess up. Luckily, there’s a backspace button on my keyboard as an easy way to fix any mistakes I might type.

Authors get ideas and begin writing their stories with excitement because of those ideas. Those ideas start out simple and build up to be something amazing. All the author has to do is get their work started. They could start bringing the story to life by creating the characters, writing out the big moments, figuring out the mystery, sorting out a romance, making up some magic, or simply starting right from page one. It doesn’t matter how an author starts completing their work. All that matters is that they start. Get writing!


How do you get yourself to start different projects? Do you go through stages to make the task easier or do you just start right away with no set plan?

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