Thursday Tiny Tale 5

The Cat Named Ralph

Emma Bowen was an average woman living on Bacoon Street. She held a slender build with small amounts of muscle. Her hair was usually down in a mess of smooth curls. More often than not she wasn’t seen with a lot of make-up on her face, but she did dash a bit of color here and there to make herself appear more darling. If a neighbor happened to look out their window early enough during the work week they would see Emma completing her usual morning run. Monday through Friday she woke up around five in the morning to take a short jog up and down her street. It was never a fast paced run, but enough movement to open her eyes for her long days.

The best part of Emma’s run was the happy face of the black and white cat she would see sitting in the window of the blue house at the end of her street. She couldn’t guarantee the cat’s face was truly happy, but an odd part of her wanted to believe the cat truly enjoyed seeing her every morning. The frequency of the cat’s appearance day after day soon became included in her morning ritual. It all seemed harmless enough.

It was early on a Friday morning when she first realized the only way the cat was inside the house was because someone owned the animal. She reached the end of the road and paused to catch her breath, take a small drink of water, and wave to the tiny ball of fur in the window. But by the time her mind finally caught up to her surroundings it was too late. The little cat wasn’t inside as usual. The black and white creature was outside with it’s owner sitting on a side porch on the house. The moment didn’t a big deal. Not until the little cat ran over to Emma’s side and began rubbing against her ankles wanting attention.

Emma smiled to the mystery person on the porch as she reached down to pet her observing friend. The cat gave off a soft pur and rubbed into her hand. Finally, the person observing her actions stood and left his porch. Emma straightened to look at the man as he neared her with a smile on his face. His appearance was innocent enough and she knew there was no harm from him as he approached.

“Good morning,” she said with a smile and looked down as the cat began to chase his tail as if he had discovered an enemy attached to it.

“Good morning,” he said with a smile matching her own. “For a while now my cat has been showing an almost outrageous need to be on the window every morning. And you know what they say about curiosity and cats.”

Emma giggled to his words and pushed a lose strand of hair behind her ear. “I have been running this way for a couple months now, and soon your cat started to appear in the window. At first, I ignored him but as he took an interest in following me with his full attention I started to wave. It’s a pleasure to meet him. What’s his name?”

“Ralph,” the distant neighbor said with a laugh. “My name is Charlie.”

Emma blushed in response. It felt foolish for her to be more interested in his pet’s name rather than the human’s name. Especially since said human was rather attractive. The soft highlights in his hair and the deep shade of blue in eyes was very nice. He was a man worth observing while she was in nothing other than a pair of gym shorts and a sports bra. Reality hit her hard and she wrapped her arms around her stomach as a way to guard her appearance. Charlie gave off a chuckle as if he could read her reaction.

“Emma,” she said quietly and looked at the top of her shoes.

“Well, Emma. Anyone Ralph likes is an okay person on my book. Would you care to join us for dinner tonight so we can finally break down the window blocking you from his attention?” Charlie asked with a sly smile dancing on his face. There was laughter and some joking hidden in his eyes. Emma could only bob her head as an answer to his request. “Great. I get off work at six and I’m usually not home until seven-thirty. Would that be a good time for you?”

“That’s fine,” she agreed as his smile lost it’s teasing appearance. “Want me to bring anything with me?”

“How about dessert?” he asked and the sparkle returned to his eyes.

“Sure, see you tonight,” she said with a blush on her cheeks and he only gave a wave as he turned away. She wasn’t sure what told her it would be alright to have dinner with the random man she met early on a dark Friday morning, but she was sure she was pleased to have the opportunity to learn more about Ralph’s owner.

Ralph hopped happily after the man he had grown to love. Humans were foolish creatures and often needed help to get things done. He knew from the first time he saw Emma running she would make a good match for his owner. The rest was all in Charlie’s hands.

Writing these little tales on every Thursday was obviously not very successful. But I do think I’ll randomly try to write a little tale from time to time. It won’t be every week but when I’m suck on what to write or have too much to write I’ll fall back on getting a little bit out of my head. There’s nothing garanteed this way and it leaves all of us with a bit of mystery. Right? Sure! We’ll go with that!

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