Using A Television Show To Get My Writing Right! Is That Wrong?

I have gone on and on with many posts about all the work I’m putting into getting my latest murder mystery out to the world. As the weeks have gone by with endless attempts to make my crime studies successful, I realized I was only failing to succeed. I haven’t even started writing a single chapter yet. Well, I did write one version of chapter one but it didn’t feel right. It was quickly tossed aside and I fell into a slump. If I want to send my novel out to a professional editor and publish it through a company it needs to be grand, right? Of course. The only problem is I have truly struggled with getting all the details and how to plans settled in my mind.

I was originally planning to read some novels for motivation but I let more of my fear step into place. What if I start copying their crime? What if I steal one of their characters? What if, what if, what if? The worries grew much too large and I stepped away from the idea of reading for inspiration. As I slouched and sulked away my annoyances, I started watching an old television show called, Numb3rs. Time ticked by and I realized Numb3rs was beginning to help clear my mind of worry and understand a bit more about crime solving. 

I have learned a lot, and I know this was the small kick I needed to get my head out of the worry. If I worry too much about how it’s done then it’s never going to get done. The crime for my novel is outside other crimes I have read about, watched on television, or heard through other people’s stories. As long as I work hard to make this my own story then I shouldn’t let myself worry about the different ways I reach out for help to get the words on paper.

Therefore, the answer to the title question is no. I believe it is okay to use whatever method I need to get the right motivation to complete my work. Reading a book, talking with friends, watching a television show, or going on a short walk. Whatever works for me is what I have to do to get this story out there.

Have you ever found motivation or tips in an unexpected way?

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