We Could All Use Some Happiness! Even Just Another 10%!

Yesterday, I shared a blog post about all the crazy thoughts in my head every time I sit down to write. I didn’t mention it then, but I think it’s about time to bring it up. I’m talking about meditation! Oh yeah, I understand there are skeptics out there and some people claim “I just don’t have the time!” I totally understand, I was also on the I can’t train for a long time. Well, I was trying to stay on the train, but I was beginning to believe meditation wouldn’t only help me calm my thoughts for writing but it might ease my brain with my TBI.

With a traumatic brain injury, sometimes thinking about even one thing is difficult. It could be due to pain or the simple fact of not being able to remember all the details. I found it easier to remain angry with the world than finding reasons to be happy. At first, I thought a simple solution would be looking for some help through a psychologist. I found a wonderful woman who has helped me clear out and find ways to organize my thoughts. Greedy as humans are, I wanted more. Thankfully, I chose to hop back on to the meditation train. Of course, the right train was hard to find.

I tried app after app. DVD after DVD. YouTube video after YouTube video. All were failing to keep my interest. Then I noticed a recommendation from my iPhone’s health app. I was close to calling it quits on meditating, but I chose to give it one more try. And I found my answer! If anyone wants a very simple session and understanding of meditation I recommend 10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics. I enjoy every session I take on with Dan Harris and I think I’m going to officially sign up with the program after my starting group of free sessions are completed. It’s only a small something. But something is better than nothing!

Have you ever tried meditation? What are your opinions?


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