Too Many Thoughts To Write

The original goal behind creating a blog for me was to get advertisement out to the world about my published novels. The novels were all a part of a series called the Lyall Pack Series. My books were made accessible many times in my posts. Those books are Curse Under The MoonJump Over The Sun, and Hidden In The Stars. I’ll be honest, I had no idea and I still have no idea if this was a great way to advertise myself. I’ve read several other blog posts stating the positives behind an author writing a blog, but I’ve seen just as many negatives stated by others. As time with this blog passed on, I have come to believe the negatives and positives behind my blog seem to balance out.

I think the biggest problem the blog has helped me solve is getting those extra thoughts out of my head when I want to write. I think about A LOT of things. And those things seem to come all at once. My mind is very creative and that allows me to write and dive into art with ease. Of course, it doesn’t always work when those random thoughts pop into my mind. Thankfully, this blog has helped me clear away some of the extra baggage dancing around. That’s all I can ask for at this point.

I’m very excited because I really feel like my latest novel is about ready to come to life. The details are starting to level out and the starting line is very close to being reached. I know allowing myself to empty some of the extra thoughts out of my head helped make my new plan possible. All I have to do is settle some of these crazy thoughts. Then I can seriously figure out how I want to write my novel.

How do you settle your thoughts so you can take on your projects?


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