Time to Work!

I say those three words to myself pretty frequently, but I know saying and doing are entirely different tasks. I cannot count up how many times I’ve sat down at the computer to type only to draw up blanks with the work I’m taking on. I stare at the computer screen for minutes upon minutes only to fail with my plan. There are several ideas bouncing around in my brain on the best method to get my story in motion, but none of them have proven useful for the time being. The frustration with failing to figure out my plan, more often than not, makes me step away from my computer and take on an entirely different project. That’s not all around a bad thing because maybe I’m going to work on the other half of my career? There’s nothing wrong with me sitting down with some of my artwork to get more pieces to feature in my art shop at ShelbyBoydeArt on Etsy. My artwork takes my mind away from the problem and eliminates the stress I usually create. Sadly, more often than not, I end up forgetting the original thought and lose the chance to build on my possibly great plan. Then I create a new plan, only to reach a problem with the new plan, I decide again to step away, and etc. See the problem? I am currently stuck in a loop of giving up. It’s time to cut it out and get to work!

With Christmas (Thanksgiving is over so there’s nothing wrong with discussing the big holiday) only a few weeks away it is time for my art shop to feature some cute snowmen and Santa Clause pieces for customers to buy. My new work plan is to get more Christmas themed artwork finished, then I can dedicate a large portion of my time towards my novel. I might as well work with the products I can finish in a day’s time rather than dedicate time towards the novel I know will take much longer than a couple weeks to write.


How do you plan out your work during the holidays?

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