Our Different Paths


Our Different Paths
by Shelby Boyde

You are walking an odd path,
A journey I may never see.
Taking on a different life,
One which wasn't built for me.

You go for a left turn,
As I try to make a right.
You jump off the nearest edge,
While I disappear with flight.

I know we are moving forward,
Even if our lives pull apart.
You know a friend is always here,
You are forever deep in my heart.

As long as you are happy,
Holding little to cry about.
I can move forward from the past,
A happiness I can feel throughout.


I have had a clip of this poem saved on my phone for a long time and finally chose to share this short entry. Many people face moments when their friendships drift apart due to distance or a small fight. I believe it is okay for friendships to fade, but I also believe the love we once felt for a person we saw as a true friend will never truly die. There are people I go months without speaking to but the moment one of us needs the other that silence is shattered. And I know it’s okay because everything is different for every person and sometimes we have to handle situations differently. It takes a big person to never let those old memories fade to black.

Writing is a way to let my thoughts free. How do you let your thoughts go?

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