News: Emma Watson Continues to Inspire the World to Read!

When I read a headline about Emma Watson I no longer hold the image of her in a robe with a wand in her hand (well, not all the time). More often I place an image of her as a smart, beautiful, strong, and helpful woman with the current world. She has been an important image for many women. Her strength to push on with what she believes has given me a bit of motivation to not give up and continue pushing myself forward. In an online article provided by BBC, they discuss briefly what her current attempts to increase reading numbers in a few areas of the world has done. Leaving different novels around the world for someone to read is a clever idea, but as the article points out: Some people see the books and only walk away. Why would they walk away from a free book? 1) They don’t know the book is for them to take for their own use. 2) People aren’t as in love with reading as they once were. 3) Places to go and people to see! The list goes on and on for what we know are logical reasons for people to simply ignore the bright novel they see sitting on an empty seat.

I want to give a round of applause for all of Mrs. Emma Watson’s attempts with getting books back into the world. We have allowed ourselves to see reading only as a requirement for school students or when that annoying task appears in our offices. And if there’s a way to cheat through the assignment, I bet a lot of us have given in and taken the shortcut. Reading is no longer seen as fun, but rather a required task placed before us. It’s a problem that we all should work to fix.

I am trying to get back into my reading habit. How can I be a great author if I don’t read? I need to sit down with some novels to remember why I love getting lost in those books. It is an easy enough task with no requirement to be an all day assignment. No, even if it’s just for a half an hour, that’s enough. I can’t wait to get back into by reading addiction! I believe, reading other books will only help me be a better author for my readers.

What’s the last book you have read?

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