I’m Supporting Hope. What Are You Doing Today?

All while I’m thinking about the work required to get my latest novel started there have been certain moments holding me back from completing the task. Some of these moments have proven to be a negative factor while some have been for a positive outcome. My latest distraction is for something extremely positive.

When children are stuck in hospitals or domestic violence shelters a lot of their happiness holds risk to fade away. Thankfully, a charity known as Child’s Play does their best to help ease the hearts of all involved. This charity donates toys and games for many locations to help improve the long stay many are forced to endure. Clicking on the link I have provided many times for Child’s Play will take you directly to their site so you could donate towards this loving charity. If you’re sitting at home and want more entertainment along with your donation, you can always check out Desert Bus for Hope through Twitch to watch a fun group of men and women completing tasks and auctioning off fun gifts to raise money for the charity as well. I have been watching Desert Bus for Hope for a long while now and I will happily say I’ve donated money for their cause. If you have a moment you should check out the products they are auctioning off during their silent auctions. It is also possible to donate to the cause through their own donation page on their site. Many ways to help and show your support for those truly in need.

Now, it’s time for me to watch Desert Bus for Hope live in case there are any live auctions I want to take a part in. (I’ll also be painting, so I’m not slacking on my job 100%). Check them out!

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