Too Many Plans For One Book

A little while ago, I started planning the murder in my latest novel and I thought I had the general plan figured out. I was writing some of my outline around the idea I thought up when suddenly, brilliance struck me. So I had to make some adjustments with the plan, yet again. Adjusting a bit of one moment in the story isn’t a big deal, right? Wrong! As I started typing up the outline I realized the change I wanted to include meant another change had to be done. Then that was going to effect this one scene I planned to occur. Maybe I could just remove that scene? No then their romance would be set back even farther! Why don’t I just have it occur in chapter three? Oh, but they haven’t met yet! Obviously, big changes need to be addressed.

Currently, my new plan is to put all the chaos I have built up to the side and start over. Once I straighten out the details to the murder, I can adjust the rest of the story very slowly so I can plan out the best way to make the character’s death a mystery. Once I build up the murder I will have a much easier time figuring out what would need to occur before the murder and what I want to have happening to solve the case. As I’m thinking about all the silliness I’ve experienced so far with writing this story I know there’s bound to be more troubles ahead. Hey, that’s why I’m writing this blog! Getting some of the troubles out of my mind is a good method to help me relax and I may even help someone else with their own problems.

Have you ever found trouble when trying to build up the story behind a cool idea?


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