I Want To Get Cozy!

Usually, this time of year means it’s time for me to get used to not being able to sit outside comfortably with my work. When I moved down to Nashville years ago I knew my available time spent outside would be a bit longer than it was when I was up in Ohio. I love sitting on our back porch to type up my work or draw some new art pieces. It’s relaxing to be out in the fresh air. Of course, I also love sitting comfortably inside with a warm mug of coffee or hot tea when the weather limits me from the outside adventures. In fact, I was really looking forward to the fall colors and cooler temperatures. But curse my luck! In Nashville, it is currently 75 degrees and they’re still calling for a high of 80 degrees (this temp is in Fahrenheit). The colors are all around me but it doesn’t feel right with this warm weather.

I know the cold weather will hit us eventually. When it does, I can’t wait to sit down with my story and put some hard work into bringing it to life. I’ll also allow myself more freedom to sit back and read some new books. I did feature a winter reading list to consider acting on a little while ago, so there are books I already have waiting for me. I am excited for the cold weather to lock me into reading mode.

What books will you be looking into this winter?


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