Middle Of The Week Thoughts 11/2/16

I have finished my personal project pieces!

With those done it is finally time to buckle down with my latest novel idea! Yeah, I say this again and again only to end up distracted by some other activity or event. But no more! At the beginning of my blog I featured a post about Creating A Character. This post was a list I believed to be a great way to gather facts and traits about a person an author should consider to make their fictional character appear like a real person. The fact sheet I built up was pretty solid and aims at all the fine points. True as that may be, I wan’t thrilled to have yet another “worksheet” saved in my files on my laptop. There are several ways a person could make this easier, but I think my favorite by far is an iOS app called A Novel Idea. It is a free app that hits everything for an author’s future novels.

This app has 5 different sections to save a book’s information. Novels, Scenes, Characters, Locations, and Ideas are the different sections available. I love how easy it is to use and it is a free app. (All apps have ads in some form or other, so it wasn’t a surprise this had them. One day I reached my limit due to some frustration or other and paid to discontinue the ads. But it wasn’t a neccissary purchase.) If I compare this app’s character build-up and the plan I made in my own post I would say this app hits all the details! I am very pleased with A Novel Idea and I can’t wait to start making my novel real.


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