Progress On A Personal Job

Today’s post is a mixture of different levels of excitement. My excitement is mostly towards a couple of personal paintings I’ve been building in my mind. I was stuck on where to take my newest novel idea so I chose to work on art. When one job isn’t making progress I have the opportunity to focus on my other job. Does that make me spoiled? I think so! 

I have shared many posts about my latest novel idea and as I skim through those posts I notice they all say the same things. It’s a little dull reading the same stuff over and over so I bet my blog hasn’t been as exiting. In order to refocus my thoughts, I chose to remove my mind from my writing and focus on getting more work posted on my Etsy page: ShelbyBoydeArt. But once again my focus was ripped away! Rather than working on pieces to sell I started drawing and painting up some new pieces to decorate my own wall.

These are drawings/paintings of my own cats. The cat with the green frame is Aramis and the cat with the red frame is Zaine.

At the beginning, I felt a little guilty allowing myself to work so heavily on a personal project. But as I was working, new ideas for my novel started popping into my head. I realized allowing my mind to step away from only focusing on my novel cleared up the clutter that was beginning to form. I even have a cruicial bit of the novel generally figured out! I’m super excited and I can’t wait to see what ideas painting my second piece will help form in my head!

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