Middle Of The Week Thoughts 10/25/16

With the weather getting slightly colder and colder I’m feeling pretty excited. What makes the cold weather so great is my love for working during this season. I’m able to sit at my computer to write with a warm mug of hot chocolate or coffee waiting to be finished. It gives me a slightly romantic feeling with this sort of setting. A nice touch of motivation to create a lovely story, right? I can’t wait!

Usually, I’m all against cold weather but the nasty heat Nashville experienced this summer has me crying for winter. I bet a lot of people would agree with the feeling. I think winter is one of the most beautiful seasons when it’s done right. Beautiful snow all around, shady-blue skies in the morning, snowmen appearing in backyards, laughter heard from kids as they play outside, and the frigid cold seeping into our bones. Okay, not all of winter is as great as I like to imagine. All I’m hoping for this coming season is a dash of motivation!

What are you excited about this winter?



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