Thursday Tiny Tale 4

You know how sometimes we get ideas in the middle of the night and decide we’ll go to sleep and address the matter in the morning? Well, that kind of happened to me last night. Only, I knew I wouldn’t remember a dash of what I thought up. I had to get to work and write it up so I could post it for today’s Tiny Tale. This is a rough build from an idea I got a little before midnight last night. This tale is in a poem format, but that’s okay. It’s going to be tiny so I think it makes the cut.


Her Journey Alone

She slams on the pedal,
To hit the engine hard.
Her destination unknown,
A future to be scarred.

She's trying to drive away,
To some location unknown.
Away from her dark thoughts,
A place no one was shown.

Running from the truth,
A need to hide her fear.
Looking for an answer,
The question isn't clear.

Deep down she's realized,
The road will never end.
The fight will be her life,
She must try to comprehend.



So, this poem wasn’t really a story and I hope the point gets across to all readers. Although, who am I to say this poem only has only one point? Everyone in the world could read this and all might have different views on the final meaning. Here’s what I was thinking when I was writing: The reasoning behind the actions and choices I make in my life are a mystery to even me, at times. Who knows what the future will have ahead of me? The struggles I’m taking on are different than the struggles another person takes on. I’m trying to understand what happens and why it occurred, but there’s no honest way for any of us to know why things happen the way they do. It’s scary and we aren’t given instructions with everything we try to accomplish. Life is always going to be a struggle but what I see as a struggle might not seem like a big deal to someone else.  I don’t know what battles they’ve taken on and they don’t know my own. I’m doing my best to take control of my life, but control can’t always be guaranteed. It’s scary to me and sometimes I want to hide from it all. If only it were that easy.

How does this poem read for you? Let me know!

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