Middle Of The Week Thoughts 10/19/16

I only have two thoughts bouncing around my head, at the moment. My first thought is on my need to start exercising. I’ve gained a couple inches around my waist. Eek! But that’s not the information my readers care to learn in this blog. The other part of my thoughts is about my novel I’m struggling to get through.

I’ve mentioned before how my novel will feature an FBI agent. Well, that was the plan when I started brewing the details of the main male character in my story. But as I did more and more research I began to think I wanted him to take on a different job. His job would be similar to an FBI agent but the new idea would make more sense for the task he will be taking on when he meets the woman of my novel. I’m thinking he will actually be a private investigator. So…all the previous FBI details I built up to add to my character are mostly tossed out the window at this point. Time to start my plotting all over.

It sucks when this happens to me, but that’s a risk I take when I don’t have an outline to follow. In other words, if I don’t want to risk changes in my plans I should start writing outlines. That probably won’t happen because I find the sudden changes exciting. It could make a great difference in the story and who knows? Maybe the changes I make will lead to a masterpiece! The point I’m trying to get across with this entry is I believe it’s alright for me to find a need to adjust my plans. Since I’m at the start of my new book then it won’t be too hard to adjust the story as needed. If I was closer to the middle of writing the story or near the end when I came up with these changes that would be very hard to work with. In fact, I would have probably abandoned the changes I thought up if I was that far along. Luckily, it shouldn’t be a problem to adapt to this new idea with where I’m at in the writing.

Hopefully, I will have great news next week about how great my story is becoming! Hope with me.


2 thoughts on “Middle Of The Week Thoughts 10/19/16

  1. Joanna

    I’ve done the same thing when figuring out my characters. It sucks, but maybe the information will be useful for another character. Best luck with your work!


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