Middle Of The Week Thoughts 10/12/16

My new novel will feature an FBI agent as the main man. He’s going to have quite a few of the clichés we imagine when we think about a man in his standing. A tough guy with a lack of ability to share his feelings. It was a pretty easy idea to work with when I was thinking through the story in my mind. But is this cliché overused? As an author, I want my readers to be comfortable with what I’m writing. Therefore, I want them to find ease in understanding what I’m trying to get across. At the same time, I don’t want my readers to think Oh, this is just another cop drama. Been there, done that. You know what I mean? Yesterday, I realized what I needed to do. Keep up with my research!

I’ve read a bit about what it’s like to be an FBI agent through a couple of novels. The first novel was The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths by Pat Brown, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone to read that novel if they want any concrete information on FBI agents. (Read my blog about the novel to find out why I don’t recommend it here). The current novel I’m reading is Eyes Pried Open: Rookie FBI Agent by Vincent Sellers. This novel is proving very useful even if it’s taking me way too long to finish it. This novel I would recommend to any readers looking for a little bit of knowledge to how things are done. I plan to finish this book any day now and then dig up bits and pieces I may still want. It’s proving to be a bit difficult to create a realistic character rather than a fantasy character. Who would have thought?

All I’m trying to say is I find it fills me with a mixture of excitement, interest, and a bit of annoyance as I’m planning my next novel. I have the draft of my book in the beginning stages of my writing, but my clueless mind is proving to be a bit of a challenge to keep the novel going. Thankfully, some encouraging words from others usually puts my fingers back in motion to type away.

Now it’s time for me to get ready to type up my next chapter!


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