Thursday Tiny Tale 3

I wasn’t going to post a “tiny tale” today because I slacked off yesterday so had to post yesterday’s post today. Although, if I post it today I guess it can’t be yesterday’s post, huh? Yesterday’s intended post? Yeah, we’ll call it that and walk away. But back to this tale. The previous tales I have shared have all been sort of romance based and I think I want to step away from that. We’re not talking murder mystery, but something a little different. Child-like? Maybe? Imaginative? Totally!

Thursday Tiny Tale 3 – More Than Children Believe

I can count on my fingers the number of times a human saw me and accepted I was a real thing. One of the more memorable times this happened was when a young baby pointed in my direction and yelled out a loud cry of happiness. His poor parents were very confused with what had made him so happy, but I knew I was the cause of his silly laugh. I spent my time popping up and surprising the young child for many years. At least, until the one time I showed up and he refused to react. I knew he saw me because of the way his eyes lit up. But I knew our friendship was over because he was becoming a grown up. At eight-years-old, he no longer needed imaginary friends. It was also the first time I realized losing someone you had grown to care for hurt a little bit. Another crushing moment was when I met a little girl living in another home down the road from the boy I once knew. She was a sweet child with nothing but happiness about her. I began letting go of the boy I once knew and began growing attached to the little girl I met. I would bring her a small gathering of flowers and do silly dances to make her laugh. Her laughter took me higher than my own wings could fly. But once again, age took the happy person out of my life. The acceptance and then rejection from those two souls was enough to force me to no longer interact with the humans I secretly helped day to day.

I walked away from the humans, but I could say I didn’t abandon the yards of the many homes on the three streets I watched over. My species was divided into several different types. I lived my life as an Earth Fairy. That only meant it was my job to help the Earth grow and continue living as long as my abilities allowed. I gave the green to the human’s grass, brightened the shade of their favorite pink flowers, or sweetened the taste of a new apple. Although, apples weren’t as popular in the streets I watched as they once were.

No, humans were becoming more focused on bringing home their paycheck rather than relaxing in the backyard. In fact, I lost many gardens in the area because of their foolish attitudes. I was willing to share a little about the two humans I made friends with because I could count that number up easily. But it seemed to be an endless list of gardens I was slowly losing. It broke my heart every time I lost one. Those moments were the very reason I chose to switch my patrol time to night.

As those small memories faded away once again, I was surprised to see light shining in a backyard. It was almost a guarantee everyone on West End Road was to be in bed because of their early rise for work. I worked hard to study their schedules so I could do my best with avoiding them. What fool was ruining my plans?

I skimmed over the yards as I approached the bright light as fast as I was willing to allow. It was my job to keep the area healthy so I couldn’t completely ignore the other homes. When I reached the brightened area I could hear humming from a young woman. She wore a dirty pair of jeans, a flannel shirt with weak buttons up her front, and her hair was haphazardly pulled to the back of her head. She was singing some foolish tune barely loud enough for my own ears to hear. I had to sit on the metal fence separating her backyard from Mr. Bailey’s yard to watch her acts. I wanted to learn more about the odd human woman who was cleaning her yard so late at night.

The woman groaned slightly and then stretched her arms over her head as she straightened her posture. She smiled as she looked at the dirt around her feet. She bopped a bit of the dirt she formed into a small hill earlier causing the dirt to tumble. Her giggle sounded and her breath caught as she heard another laugh behind her. In a quick spin she looked at the ugly fence to meet the eyes of the owner of the giggle. Wait! I was the giggling person! My mouth popped open with her next few words.

“Oh!” she gasped. “Why, hello there. I didn’t think there would be anyone out this late at night.”

I was only able to blink in response to her words. Could she really see me? The woman before me was no child. There was little to no chance she actually saw me. I looked over my shoulder expecting to see someone else awake at this time, but no one was there.

“I can see you, sir,” she said with a smile and approached to my seat. Well, what was my seat. I jumped up when she began approaching me. “No need to be frightened. I mean you no harm. In fact, I should be the one afraid of you. I haven’t done anything wrong with my yard, have I?”

I shook my head as she looked at the work she was completing. Eventhough she couldn’t see me she turned around with a smile as if I had vocalized my answer.

“My name is Janice Wilker,” she said and gave a silly curtsy. “I was finally able to move into this place today and I couldn’t wait to get started on the garden work!”

“Why do it at night?” I asked before I could stop myself from speaking.

She giggled again. Her laugh was similar to that of a young girl. I was willing to bet a high price I could get used to her laugh. “Do you see how I look? I think this is an image I can spare my neighbors for a little while longer. Although, if the fairies come out at night here I may need to adjust my hours.”

“How can you see me?” I asked as I floated back to my seat on the fence.

“I have a young soul?” she said with a smirk and a shrug. “I think I could always see Fairies. Even when I was a teen and my parents threatened therapy over my visions of imaginary beings I refused to let them go. Their beauty amazed me and I wanted to always see them.”

“B…beauty?” I stuttered to her term. I knew I wasn’t ugly, but I couldn’t call myself beautiful. Some of my other Fairy friends were more of the term she chose.

“Yes, Mr. Stutterton,” she said with the same giggle as before. It seemed as if laughing was her thing. “You allow all of this to happen.” Her arms stretched out around her and she turned in a slow circle as she spoke. It amazed me she believed in such a true thing. I obviously knew it was true because I was an Earth Fairy, but humans weren’t supposed to believe in such things, right?

“My name is Durin,” I said simply. I couldn’t let Mr. Stutterton become a thing. I knew humans couldn’t let silly jokes go.

“Durin, it’s a plesure,” she said with a wink. “I’m going to be cleaning up this garden area for a little while. You’re more than welcome to stay or go. It would be nice to get to know you a bit more.”

“What if someone sees you talking to…well, no one?” I asked.

“Let them see me,” she said with another laugh. “Maybe that will pull them into believing in you?”

I smiled as my response and flew to her side. As she worked on the garden I provided a few tips about the garden area she was working with. I knew what grew best in her soil and was able to guarantee special attention provided towards her yard. Our first talk was enjoyable and reminded me of what I missed about having human friends. As time went by I continued to meet her in the evening to work on her garden or simply discuss some matter or other. It didn’t take long for our friendship to become an important thing for me. I met her nephew and was surprised a thirteen-year-old boy was also open to seeing me. His parents only rolled their eyes when he spoke about me, but I was beginning to understand. Humans only wanted to accept the things in their world able to be explained by science or logic. Toss in some magic or mystery and they were bound to bolt. I only had to find the humans with imagination to get through my immortal life. Yeah, living forever once again felt like a thing I could do!


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